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What are Lashnv™ Lashes?

Lashnv™ Lashes was introduced to the lash industry back in 2015 with Lashnv™ Lift and Lashnv™ Extensions.

And is now one of the most respected lash brands in the UK.

Year after year, the demand for eyelash extensions increases, and with it,  Lashnv™ still holds it's place as one of the most lucrative beauty services in the UK.

In our Lashnv™ Lashes course, you can expect to learn the art of classic eyelash extensions from industry experts. We'll teach you how to create a full and fluttery lash look that your clients will love, using high-quality products and techniques that have made Lashnv™ a trusted brand in the industry. Our comprehensive course covers everything from the basics of lash anatomy to advanced techniques for achieving the perfect lash placement. You'll gain hands-on experience and receive personalized feedback to ensure that you're confident and ready to offer this highly sought-after service. Join us today and take the first step towards becoming a skilled lash technician.

About Lashnv

Lashnv™ is an innovative classic lash extension and lash lift system exclusive to The Creative Beauty Group. 

I am extremely passionate about Lashnv™ products, qualifications, standards, innovation, etc, not everybody can get excited about those things!

Since Lashnv's launch in March 2019, we have trained and partnered with thousands of practitioners around the world, who have taken their beauty businesses to the next level. Of course, during this post-pandemic phase, it's not been so easy for everyone to get back to where they once were, which is why I really want to be there for as many beauty professionals as possible, to re-ignite their love for the industry, and show them that business can be booming once again!


Layla Tourh

Managing Director of Lipnv No Needle Filler

‘’Opportunities do not just happen in the beauty and aesthetics industry, you create them’’.

About Lashnv™  Classic Extension

Lashnv™ classic extensions is an aesthetic technique that lengthens, curls, thickens, and adds volume to natural eyelashes.

To create a set of lash extensions, a qualified lash-technician isolates a singular natural lash, with the use of a specially designed tool, and then carefully places a synthetic hair on top of the natural lash; this will extend the lash and enhance its natural appearance.

What will you learn in this course?


In this Lashnv™ Classic Extensions course, you will learn everything you need to know to become a qualified lash-technician and provide your clients with stunning, natural-looking lash extensions. The course covers a wide range of topics, including the anatomy of the eye, the different types of lash extensions, lash mapping, hygiene and safety practices, and much more.

You will also learn how to select the right lash extensions for each client based on their individual needs and preferences, and how to properly apply them using the Lashnv™ technique. Additionally, the course covers maintenance and aftercare advice for your clients, so that they can keep their lash extensions looking beautiful for as long as possible.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide your clients with gorgeous, long-lasting lash extensions that will enhance their natural beauty and leave them feeling confident and glamorous.

We’ll teach you to perform this incredible and innovative ‘lashing’ and tinting technique.


Further support is there for those that need or want it.

1-2-1 support is offered over a 1 hour training session with one of our educators and is delivered over the conference platform, ''Zoom''.

How you use that one hour is completely up to you! Many students have preferred it being broken down in to two separate 30 minutes sessions, so you can come back to you allocated Lashnv trainer for further support as you grow your skills.  

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LashNv Classic


Lashnv™ delivers instant results that last longer than any eyelash extension or eyelash perm.

Lashnv™ Lifting system enhancesthe natural lash, making them appear longer, curlier, and ultimately more glamorous.

Furthermore, this transformation lasts upto an incredible 6 weeks.It’s a gentle, low maintenance treatment that lifts from the roots.

The treatment takes around 45 minutes & your client willleave with a wide-awake look that needs no mascara!

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Lashnv Bundle Course

The Lashnv Bundle Course combines two of our most popular lash courses - Lashnv™ Lift and Lashnv™ Classic Extensions. In this comprehensive training, you'll learn how to master both techniques and become a skilled lash technician.

With Lashnv™ Lift, you'll learn how to safely and effectively lift and curl natural lashes, providing your clients with a low-maintenance alternative to lash extensions. And with Lashnv™ Classic Extensions, you'll learn how to lengthen, thicken, and add volume to natural lashes using synthetic hairs.

Two of the most in-demand lash services in the industry. You'll receive hands-on training and a complete kit with all the tools and products you need to get started. 

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"With Lashnv™ you are guaranteed amazing results that last 6-8 weeks. Client’s are thrilled with the results and come back time and time again. #loveit" 

-Steph Rowlands


"I've just completed the Lashnv™ training and it's amazing. Fantastic to work with, great training and trainer and ultimately outstanding results."



“I am using Lashnv™ in our salon and it sells itself thats all I can say! As soon as clients see another client, they want it- well worth investing in this product and training. I love it and so do my clients, also many rebooks which also speaks for itself;)”

-Rachel Louise

Why train with us?


With over 17 years of experience, the Beauty Boss Academy established itself as a trusted provider of beauty courses. Our team is committed to delivering the best education and resources to our students and has a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. We believe in offering only the highest quality courses and use only the best brands in our manufacturing and distribution. Trust us to provide you with the best learning experience and support as you embark on your journey to become a successful beauty therapist.


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