Transform your client's look with our Lashnv Lash Lift Courses!

Welcome to the ultimate training experience for stunning, natural-looking lashes.

Are You Ready To Lift?

We are here to help you lift your skill set and your salon profits by introducing Lashnv Lift to your business ... are you ready?  

Lashnv Lashes was launched in 2013, and quickly became the most respected brand of lash lifting systems in the professional beauty industry.

Since its launch it has gone on to create sister brands such as Brownv Brows, and Lipnv No needle Filler, all of which are distributed via Beauty Boss Her Quarters 

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Lift. Lock. Nourish

Lashnv™lash lift delivers instant results that last longer than any eyelash extension or eyelash perm. The 3 step Lashnv™ lash lift system enhances the natural lash, making them appear longer, curlier, and ultimately more glamorous. Furthermore, this transformation lasts up to an incredible 6 weeks.

It’s a gentle, low maintenance, professional salon treatment that takes approximately 45 minutes. Your client will leave with a wide-awake, and will no longer need to own a mascara!

We will teach you how to perform this incredible and innovative ‘lifting’ and tinting technique, that will have your clients returning to the salon time and time again. 

Can You Afford To Not Do This Course?

Here are just some of the things that our course covers:

  • What is Lashnv™ and why do clients love it?
  • Eye essentials
  •  Health and safety
  • Promoting Lashnv™
  • Lashnv client consultation
  • Let’s Create Lashnv™!
  • Learn each stage of the Lashnv™ process
  • All the hints and tips to give you a flying start
  • Understand all the kit and how best to use it
  • How to customise each lash lifting treatment for your clients needs
  • Post procedure/aftercare for longer lasting results

We have worked hard to make sure our course is up to date, and up to the job, in confidently preparing our students to immedietly start carrying out no-needle filer treatments on clients.


It's not just your confidence that has been knocked... your clients has too!


Returning to your business has not been easy, and your clients feel the same.

A recent industry survey shared that consumers are a little overly cautious in returning to beauty salons/clinics for a number of reasons, such as:

  • They have forgotten the procedure
  • Worried about the hygiene of the work space since Covid 19
  • Clients need re-educating
  • Hesitant in rebooking after reading horror stories from DIY users of the air pen during the various lock downs

By coming to the Lipnv Recertification event at Olympia Beauty, we will provide you with the best education and updated certificates to put your clients minds at ease!

You can even further promote yourself to new potential clients, proving that you keep up to date with the latest training to always provide the best and safest results possible!

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 Our Course Options


This course isa blend of both online and face-to-face training, giving you the best of both worlds.

Suitable for aspiring beauty therapists and lash technicians  who have no prior lash lifting experience.

Learn how to create envy amongst your clients and learn to lash lift today! 

No previous beaut skills necessary.
Beginner kits are available. 


Boost your techniques with tips, tricks and knowledge from our team of educators and Lipnv experts.

On our online skill-building course, will cover all the basics, as well as fine tune your lash lift techniques and be recognised as a Lashnv Pro!

Previous lash lift training is a pre-requisite and proof of certification will be requested upon booking.
Conversion kits are available. 


Further support is there for those that need or want it.

1-2-1 support is offered over a 1 hour training session with one of our educators and is delivered over the conference platform, ''Zoom''.

How you use that one hour is completely up to you! Many students have preferred it being broken down in to two separate 30 minutes sessions, so you can come back to you allocated Lashnv trainer for further support as you grow your skills.  


All Eyes On Us...Learn from the Best.

Lashnv Lashes is a brand that offers you complete support to build a whole business based on your newfound skills. 


We are Lashnv Lift, launched in 2013 


Lashnv Lashes was launched in 2013, and quickly became the most respected brand of lash lifting systems in the professional beauty industry.

Since its launch it has gone on to create sister brands such as Brownv Brows, and Lipnv No needle Filler, all of which are distributed via The Beauty Boss Academy.


''I am extremely passionate about Lashnv Lift, its quality products, our impecable training standards, innovation of new products etc, not everybody can get excited about those things!

I am thrilled that since Lashnv Lift  was launched in early 2013, we have trained and partnered with thousands of lash artists around the world, who have taken their beauty business to the next level''.

Layla Tourh

Brand creator & developer of Lashnv Lashes



Course Outline & Agenda:

Begin the course at home with the Beauty Boss Academy online learning platform, then complete your course in person, with a half day in-class training session.

  • Station Set Up
  • Practical
  • Aftercare and Upsell techniques 

Once the first section of this course (theory via the Beauty Boss Academy) online training platform, and then your final assessment and practical face to face training with one out our trainers, you shall successfully qualify as a Lashnv Lash lift professional.

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