Lipnv Foundation Course 

 Start your professional journey with this complete lip filler foundation course course.

Are You Ready To Level Up?

We are here to help you take your skills and your salon to the next level... are you ready?  

Revolutionize your skills with our No Needle Filler Course, and become a trendsetter in the industry!

Learn the skill, before the ml! 💋

Learn how to offer your clients fuller lips without the use of a needle! Our comprehensive online training course will teach you everything you need, to safely and effectively perform the Lipnv No Needle Filler treatment.

Lip fillers and fat dissolving treatments are performed by a reliable medical device that was first used n the medical world -  commonly known in the cosmetic world as the ''Hyaluronic Air Pen'', which has taken the beauty industry by storm with its way of passing nanoscale molecules of  hyaluronic acid through air flow and pressure of the air pen.

If you have clients who shy away from needles, this could be the answer. With no needle in sight, little to no discomfort, in exchange for instant and desirable results.


We Are The Best, But Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"It was a pleasure to sit your training course. I found it very engaging and comprehensive, leaving the course with confidence to carry out the treatment on my clients straight away'' 

~ Rowina George


"I attended your course at the beauty show, a fantastic first impression of your company! The information and demonstration was very thorough. Thank you so much for a fantastic training day! 

~ Melanie Jessop


"The Lipnv No needle Filler course is hands down the best course I have done! My clients absolutely love their new lips, and I love my new bank balance! It's really helping me grow my business in the right direction. Thank you team Lipnv''

~ Claire Bridges

Can You Afford To Not Do This Course?

Here are just some of the things that our course covers:

  • Lip Mapping
  • Product Placement
  • Pen Technique (Lock & Load)
  • Aftercare Procedure
  • Marketing Your No Needle Filler Business
  • Legislation
  • & lots more! 

We have worked hard to make sure our course is up to date, and up to the job, in confidently preparing our students to immedietly start carrying out no-needle filer treatments on clients.


It's not just your confidence that has been knocked... your clients has too!


Returning to your business has not been easy, and your clients feel the same.

A recent industry survey shared that consumers are a little overly cautious in returning to beauty salons/clinics for a number of reasons, such as:

  • They have forgotten the procedure
  • Worried about the hygiene of the work space since Covid 19
  • Clients need re-educating
  • Hesitant in rebooking after reading horror stories from DIY users of the air pen during the various lock downs

By coming to the Lipnv Recertification event at Olympia Beauty, we will provide you with the best education and updated certificates to put your clients minds at ease!

You can even further promote yourself to new potential clients, proving that you keep up to date with the latest training to always provide the best and safest results possible!

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You don’t need any medical background to offer Lipnv No Needle Filler treatments, making it the perfect alternative offering for beauty therapists that are not qualified in administering lip filler treatments with a needle.

Insurance companies are categorising no needle fillers as ‘No Needle Mesotherapy’ – and the device used is registered and recognised as a ‘hyaluron pen’. Information on our partnered insurance company is given out to our students on the day of training, so you are fully supported and protected!

There are no pre-requisites to attending this beginner course; all that is required to obtain insurance is the Lipnv™ certificate. Our training is through, and we will not have you leaving our classrooms feeling less than confident.


Boost your techniques with tips, tricks and knowledge from our team of educators and Lipnv experts.

On our online skill-building course, will cover all the basics, as well as fine tune your No Needle Filler techniques and be recognised as a Lipnv™ Pro.


Previous Hyaluron Pen training is a pre-requisite and proof of certification will be requested upon booking.
Conversion kits are available. This will also qualify you to be registered on the official consumer Lipnv™ clinic directory.


Further support is there for those that need or want it.

1-2-1 support is offered over a 1 hour training session  with one of our educators and is delivered over the conference platform, ''Zoom''.

How you use that one hour is completely up to you! Many students have preferred it being broken down in to two separate 30 minutes sessions, so you can come back to you allocated Lipnv educator for further support as you grow your skills.

Previous Hyaluron Pen training is a pre-requisite and proof of certification will be requested upon booking a virtual seat.
Conversion kits will become available to you after attending the online course.


Who are we?

We are Lipnv No Needle Filler, the industry's largest and most respected training company in no needle filler treatments.


‘’Opportunities do not just happen in the beauty and aesthetics industry, you create them’’. 

I am extremely passionate about Lipnv™ products and qualifications, standards, innovation etc, not everybody can get excited about those things!

I am thrilled that since Lipnv's launch in March 2019, we have trained and partnered with thousands of practitioners around the world, who have taken their beauty business to the next level. Of course during this post pandemic phase, it's not been so easy for everyone to get back to where they once were, which is why I really want to be there for as many beauty professionals as possible, to re-ignite their love for the industry, and show them that business can be booming once again!'' 


Layla Tourh

Managing Director of Lipnv No Needle Filler


You're ready to start working SMARTER not harder in your salon!


Learn how to offer your clients fuller lips without the use of a needle! The Lipnv No Needle Filler course will teach you everything you need to safely and effectively perform Lipnv No Needle Filler treatments.

The Hyaluronic Air Pen has taken the beauty industry by storm with its revolutionary no needle lip filler concept. If you have clients who shy away from needles, this could be the answer for them.

The one day Lipnv™ Foundation course covers: 

Introduction to the Hyaluronic Air Pen

Health & Safety (Post Covid 19)

Salon Hygiene


Chemistry: What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Live Demonstrations

Practical (on each other)

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Got 99 Problems But Performing No Needle Fillers Ain't One!

Without being able to practice what you learned, it’s easy to forget:

  •  How to lip map
  • How to avoid bruising the client
  • Product placement & pen angles
  • Up-dated after after care advice 

That’s why we wanted to create this exclusive event to help any No-Needle practitioners get their mojo back and start re-building that momentum in their business again.

If you feel like you want to improve your skills and gain some extra confidence in your lip filler services, then you have to come to the Lipnv Recertification event!


SoSum Filler

Sosum Dermal Filler has become a firm favourite amongst practitioners world wide. It boasts great retention and absolutely minimal swelling.

Sosum is the perfect choice for both needle and no needle treatments. JBP Nanoneedles included as standard. Lidocaine free fully CE certified and insurable. 

Each box of Sosum contains 2x1ml blister packed syringe packets, each with 2 JBP Nanoneedles, and included in your student kit.

Lip Cooler Packs

With the comfort of your clients being your absolute first concern, what comes a close second is your business branding!

Put clients minds at ease by offering them this professionally designed lip cooler mask, the ideal solution for clients that feel a little discomfort during or after the no needle filler treatment.

Marketing Material

To run a serious no needle filler business, you need to look SERIOUS!

Which is why we will be including in every ticket purchase (not virtual class tickets, sorry ladies and gents!), one of our Lipnv business in a box branding kits!

This includes everything from one of our posh Lipnv no needle filler treatment towels, client information cards, aftercare cards, and salon posters.


The pandemic hit the beauty industry, and your confidence, HARD!

Are you ready to take back control and fall back in love with peforming no needle filler treatments?

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